Sensitive Scalp? Hairbrushes for Sensory Kids and Adults

Does your sensory child have a sensitive scalp? I still remember the tears and pain of having my waist-length, Brady girl hair brushed back in the 1970s. My son has scalp sensitivities, as does my friend’s teenage daughter, so I was eager to try out a couple of hairbrushes designed for sensitive scalps.


The Goody Ouchless® brush has been available for a few years but has a new design with a gel handle. The core feature of this plastic brush is plastic bristles with rounded tips that retract into the plastic handle very easily when they meet with pressure. This offers a great deal of “give” when brushing, reducing tugging at the scalp. The gel handle gives a bit under pressure, and my sensory son finds it pleasurable to hold (plus, the extra input it provides by shaping itself to the person’s hand may be helpful for some sensory kids, too).


The Knot Genie ® is very new. It’s shaped like a horse’s curry comb and has ultra soft bristles. As with the Goody Ouchless, the plastic bristles have a lot of “give” to reduce tugging at the scalp. However, there are more bristles, closer together, and they are shorter and have more give than the ones on the Goody.


My son preferred the Goody handle, but liked both brushes. Like him, I have fine hair, but I wear mine long. I’ve been using the Goody for a while along with my old trick of starting by brushing the ends and working my way up to the scalp so as not to worsen any snarls on the downstroke (I learned that in my Jan Brady days). The Knot Genie doesn’t give scalp stimulation, but I could brush all the way from my scalp to the ends with no wincing whatsoever. I do find the handle awkward to use even though I have fairly big hands. If my hair were longer and less layered, I’d definitely use the Knot Genie more than the Goody Ouchless®, though.


My friend’s daughter has shoulder length, straight, coarse hair. She absolutely loved the Knot Genie and said it was odd at first not to be able to feel the bristles. She had no problems with the handle and is definitely going to use it. She wishes she’d had it years ago—she, too, remembers the tears and pain of long, snarled hair. I thought it was interesting that despite her coarser hair, the brush did work for detangling.

Goody Ouchless Hairbrush can be great for kids with sensory issues


The Knot Genie has super-soft bristles for sensitive scalps


Knot Genie is shaped a bit like a horse's curry comb

I want to thank Tricia Saunders, mom of a sensory kid who sells the Knot Genie (as well as super soft clothing for sensitive kids) on her site,, for the free Knot Genie brushes to try. If you’d like to buy one, check out her site. If you’d like to try the Goody Ouchless, you might find it in your local drugstore, or you can buy it via  I notice they now make a child-sized one, too, which you can buy HERE, via Amazon/ but I’m not sure if it has the gel handle.


Have you used either brush? What do you think?




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2 responses to “Sensitive Scalp? Hairbrushes for Sensory Kids and Adults

  1. I just bought the Knot Genie from Tricia at luvmum. It has saved my life. For 4 years my son (diagnosed with Aspergers) has been screaming and resisting having his hair brushed. I handed it to him and as soon as he used it, he would not stop brushing his hair. I never knew this product existed!

  2. I’m so glad for you and your son! Isn’t it fantastic when some simple sensory solution makes ALL the difference? I’ve often felt that way!

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