Playground and Recess Coaches: Do Our Kids Need Them?

The New York Times has a wonderful blogpiece about playground and recess coaches.  As I noted in my comment after the piece, I think it’s often hard for parents of only neurotypical kids to appreciate just how much of a challenge it is for kids with autism, ADHD, and/or sensory processing issues to manage recess and playground time. Do any of you have aides who work with your kids at recess? Does your school’s adaptive p.e. teacher or regular p.e. teacher help the special needs kids to figure out what to do when the bell rings and they’re sent out on to the playground? Do you spend time on the playground with her before, during, or after school to help her out?  What do you think YOUR school needs to help all children play, exercise, and socialize better during those precious recess and playground times?


Would your child with SPD benefit from a recess or playground coach? Can he play and socialize appropriately on the playground without guidance, encouragement, and structure?


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