Halloween Tips for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder and/or Autism

Halloween celebrations can be tricky for a child with SPD. Before you commit to that store-bought costume only to find your child won’t wear it (too itchy! too tight! too loose!), before you load up on candy with artificial colors and flavors that none of the kids including your own really need, check out the Halloween tips for kids with sensory issues on my website.


This year we may do our first haunted house but I’ve told my son that often the “scary” part involves sudden loud noises. Ouch! I’ll leave it up to him to decide whether earplugs are in order, but at least he’ll be forewarned. We may do the local museum’s Halloween party–nothing like the thrill of considering a “treat” of candy made with insects (which is truly a treat in some cultures). I highly doubt my picky eater will ever give the fried crickets or chocolate covered worms a sample, but it’s fun to say “ewwwww” over!


What are your Halloween plans?


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