Informative piece on SPD

Here is another wonderful news piece on SPD, this one featuring mom Hartley Steiner, author of This is Gabriel Making Sense of School. I am hoping that the more coverage we get on sensory processing disorder, the sooner these kids will get the help they need! Apparently, the legitimacy of being considered for inclusion in the DSM-V which identifies (and provides diagnosis codes for) psychological diagnoses has finally caused SPD to grab the attention of the media. About time! 🙂

I love her description of OT for sensory issues as “the difference between my family functioning or not functioning”! We are NOT talking about mild sensory preferences or sensitivities but full-fledged sensory processing disorder where sensory issues interfere with activities of daily living and require intervention.


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One response to “Informative piece on SPD

  1. Angela Dickey

    This is GREAT!!!

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