SPD or sensory processing disorder: What is it?

My family was featured on our local NBC affiliate in a story on what is sensory processing disorder. Although it’s somewhat innaccurate when it comes to our personal story (because my son no longer has SPD or tantrums, thanks to years of therapy and follow through at home), it’s an excellent piece on sensory processing disorder.

Also, we didn’t have to spend “thousands of dollars on therapy” because we lived in NYC and got tons of free therapy through the early intervention system and, later, through the public school system. We are extremely fortunate that our son was diagnosed at a time before massive budget cuts, in a state and city that did provide good services. For every $1 we spend on early intervention for developmental delays, we save $4 on special education. Who can argue with those numbers? And yet EI and school budgets are being slashed in many states. Madness!

However, my husband and I DID pay thousands out of pocket for professional evaluations of speech, eating and oral/motor skills, allergies, neurology, etc., and every penny was worth it to have the information that guided us in determining what help my son needed.



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3 responses to “SPD or sensory processing disorder: What is it?

  1. Awesome, Nancy. We need to do more of such broadcasts here in Canada. The more of us who talk about it, the more ‘real’ it is. =)

    YAY! Great job.


  2. Thanks!
    By the way, the spinning toy my son’s on is called a Round-a-Bout and I have a link to it on the vestibular section of Toys and Equipment on http://www.sensorysmartparent.com It can hold adults, and it’s nice and quiet (we have an ancient Dizzy Disc that’s really loud but I hear the new version is super quiet too).

  3. Thanks for the post and the link to your feature. The more stories are told, the more understanding and tolerant people will be (I hope!) I appreciate your insight into the $$ spent – while all of our current therapies have all been covered either by insurance or EI or through school, we’re currently faced with spending thousands of dollars out of pocket for additional OT sensory therapy. Thanks for giving me hope that it will be money well spent.

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