up and running!

I’ve tweaked, I’ve redesigned, I’ve sweated over keywords, now it is finally up officially: The site. This site offers information for parents, caretakers, and others who want to become sensory smart. With uplift and guidance, plus lots of resources, I hope it will be a site you come back to often and recommend to others who want to more about sensory processing disorder.

Special thanks to Emma P., Cindy D., and Janice L. for lending me some great photos, to Matt Olson, my amazing web designer who now knows more about “vestibular input” and “proprioception” than he ever thought he would know, to my husband George who had many great ideas and insights.  Thanks to those of you who offered suggestions, too.

I dedicate this site to my mom, in honor of Mother’s Day, and my dad, who would have celebrated his birthday today. They gave me the foundation to live up to challenge of being a sensory smart parent.

Me and my dad, G. Richard Peske

Me and my dad, G. Richard Peske

Me and my mom, Sally Powell



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2 responses to “ up and running!

  1. YAY! Oh I’m SO HAPPY For you, Nancy! It looks great and we’ve added you as our “Resource of the Month” on my Website.

    Love your photos! =) What amazing people your parents are.


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