Rummage Sale Season and Sensory Kids

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Some of my greatest “finds” were at rummage sales (or eBay):

* the Radio Flyer sled at the church rummage sale that only need a little repair work, which has lasted five sledding seasons so far

*The Chop Suey game I remembered from childhood: you use chopsticks (or you can buy ZooStix and use those) to fish out oddly shaped plastic pieces from a moving bowl. Great fine motor game!

The vintage Chop Suey game, great for practicing fine motor skills

* An old-fashioned Lite Brite that is challenging but not impossible for a child who needs work on fine motor skills

* Super soft Hanna Andersson all-cotton long johns/pjs for ten cents (retails for $29!)

* Snowpants, snow boots, and rain gear that don’t get enough seasonal use to justify paying full price–and which my son balked at back in his preschool days. When you pay $1 for snowpants he won’t wear, it’s not quite so frustrating!

* A Godzilla game and a Shark Attack game, each for a quarter, that he got countless hours of imagination play out of since they came with no instructions but several cool pieces

* Unused, unopened Tom’s All-Natural Silly Strawberry toothpaste for a quarter at an estate sale where the owners had stocked up

* Collections of Captain Underpants books

What have been your best sensory smart, rummage sale bargains?


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