School sensory diet and the IEP

My coauthor, Lindsey Biel, OTR/L, wrote an excellent piece on the sensory diet at school and the type of IEP goals an OT needs to write to help kids who have sensory processing disorder.

Sensory accommodations should include activities to help the child get calmer and more focused, opportunities to avoid sensory input and regroup, and accommodations for homework and tests as well as for classes such as art, music, and physical education. The IEP should also spell out the agreed upon discipline procedures for the child with sensory issues who cannot regulate her system like a neurotypical child can and is prone to a fight-or-flight panic response of withdrawal or aggression.

Not happy with the school’s proposed IEP? Don’t sign it. Do your research and call for a new IEP meeting. I’ve always found parents in support groups to be enormously helpful in guiding each other through the IEP process. Others have been there before and can offer insights, ideas, and emotional support. I highly recommend in-person as well as online support groups such as the ones at and


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