What is motor planning?

Apraxia-kids.org is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping kids with motor planning issues. Here’s an article on their site about what motor planning is and how OT can help.

In short, praxis or motor planning is the planning and execution of a series of movements. Apraxia or dyspraxia of speech means there’s a glitch in turning your thought into spoken words–you can’t quite coordinate the movements of your lips, tongue, facial muscles, and breath to get out what you’re trying to say. This is also called oral dyspraxia. Global dyspraxia is poor motor planning of other movements, such as tying your shoe, putting on your socks, and so on.

Kids with poor body awareness due to sensory issues often have motor planning problems as well. If you can’t feel the food in your mouth, you stuff too much in and then how do you coordinate swallowing it? Better to avoid that mushy food that confuses you… See how it works?

Motor planning is a form of organization. So many kids with SPD have organizational issues, not just organizing body movements with motor planning but also organizing thoughts and ideas, language, time, and possessions. They’re the kids that tidy their room by placing the candy wrapper neatly on the bookshelf and the books under the bed where they fit nicely. They’re the kids who can’t quite grasp time and are always running late because they can’t judge how long a process takes.

Does your child have motor planning issues that affect his speech or his everyday activities. Apraxia-kids.org is a great resource.

Motor planning is the planning and execution of a series of movements


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