“Parenthood” missed the boat this week

On this week’s episode of Parenthood, the parents of Max, the boy with Asperger’s syndrome, met with the emotional behavioral aide who would be working with him. They mentioned that he only likes his eggs a certain way and they have to be cooked in the orange frying pan. When they asked if this was unusual, the aide said it had nothing to do with Asperger’s and the dad made a comment about how wouldn’t ya know it, their Max is odd even for a kid with Asperger’s.


If the writers and producers of the show intend to educate people about what it’s like to live with a kid who has an autism spectrum disorder, they really need to do better research. This is CLASSIC SPD BEHAVIOR and of course, parents of kids with autism have plenty of stories about rigidity and control issues. It’s one of those areas where those of us whose kids aren’t on the spectrum meet on common ground with those whose kids are. We know the tantrum potential when the Elmo sippee cup cannot be found. We have tensed up when noticing that the yogurt manufacturer changed the look of the container because now we’re gonna have to explain to our hyper observant child who could recognize Van Gogh’s painting style before he could talk that really, no kidding, it’s the same stuff inside. The anxiety, the rising pitch of a child’s voice when the food isn’t just so and worse, is prepared and served in a “weird” and unpredictable way. Moms, dads, you know what I’m saying!


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